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Marcus Mallory lived in hell under his uncle, a cruel and sadistic alpha that long ago stopped caring who he hurt, including his own family. When Marcus’s brother, Lucas, challenges their uncle, the alpha cheats, leaving the brothers no choice but to run for their lives.

Jace “J-Rod” Malone and Aaron Carrington are fated mates, but not your normal pairing. Both are alpha-born and know something is missing from their relationship. When they are called upon to help some friends, they find that missing something, another mate.

But when Marcus disappears, can Aaron and Jace find him before it’s too late? Will they be able to stand together when another family conflict tries to force them apart? As their lives narrow to a single moment in time, are they strong enough together to move forward; as three?


The truck was quiet, the only sound was the whining of the tires on the pavement, both men lost to their own thoughts. Aaron and Jace had been together for years, yet they never knew they were destined to be a triad. They had thought their lack of a mind link was because they were two different species, but now everything made sense, like the veil of blindness had been lifted.

“Aaron, we might have a problem.” Jace said, his tone thick with emotion and a twinge of fear.

“What do you mean? What problem?”

“He is a wolf, wolves need their packs. And his brother is going to fight to be the Alpha of his pack when we get there. What if he doesn’t want to leave the pack or his brother? What do we do then?” a tiny sliver of doubt and fear made its way into his voice.

The emotions rolling off of Aaron told Jace that he was having those same thoughts. When Aaron glanced at him, Jace saw the same fear mirrored his own in his mate’s eyes.

“We need to stay focused, one thing at a time. Let Lucas fight the Alpha and we will protect our mate. When that is over, like Ethan said, we can figure everything out from there. But I do know one thing.” Aaron looked to his lover as he said, “He is ours, and we won’t let him go.”

Jace’s lion roared in his head in approval of Aaron’s words. He was right, they would never let go. Fated mates were sacred, gifts from the gods. And this gift looked amazing in a muscle shirt and tight jeans. Yeah, never gonna let go.



Defending Their Bond ebook

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On the run for most of his life, Thomas “Bulldog” Baird is used to being alone. He never cared what people thought of him. He never had a reason to. After helping his friend, Jonathan, settle some old scores with his birth pack, Bulldog finds the one thing he never thought he’d have: a mate. A mate he’s not sure he wants to claim because of his own haunted past.

Edward Rawlings has survived hell, living under a cruel and vicious Alpha who almost decimated his birth pack. When the pack was finally freed from tyranny, Edward thought his fight for life would be over. He was dead wrong.

Can the two find the happiness and love they deserve while they risk their lives defending their bond, or will Bulldog’s past claim them both?

Excerpt –

The growls and teeth snapping followed Bulldog all the way outside as he closed Jonathan’s front door behind him. When he was alone on the front porch, Bulldog took a deep breath before he moved to the porch swing and sat down, still in shock over Ethan’s reaction to him. He had known he had some explaining to do but Ethan trying to kill him was a shock.

Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Bulldog listened to the growls and snarls coming from Ethan inside the house. He hoped that he would get a chance to explain everything to his mate. He never thought that he would find his mate, let alone be the cause of the level of pain Jonathan said he was going through. Just thinking of that made his heart crack a little.

The sound of running feet and more voices reached his ears. Great, the whole pack is gathering. Bulldog thought to himself set the swing in motion.

Bulldog had explained everything to Jonathan about his past that could be a potential danger to his pack when they were talking at his home earlier. He knew he would have to tell Edward everything too, and he was okay with that. Bulldog would rather his mate make an informed decision then just jump into a dangerous mating situation. He knew that if they did mate, then the pack would have to be told somethings but hopefully not everything.

It looked like he was going to have to tell everyone because, from what he was hearing, he didn’t think they would let him near his mate alone.

Bulldog sighed as he lifted his head only to bring it forward and put his face in his hands. He had never been comfortable with people. Since the moment over two hundred years ago when his guild had killed his mother, Bulldog had shut down his emotions and anything that involved him being social. Everything had been easier that way, but now, now he was willing to take a chance. He wanted to see if his mate would forgive him and have a second chance at life. A real life.

The problem was that he had to get back through that door first, before his mate died from the curse of course. With the way Ethan had reacted to him, and knowing that there were four other new pack members that had come from Jonathan and Ethan’s birth pack inside, Bulldog knew that wouldn’t be an easy task.

As he set the swing in motion again the front door opened and Jonathan stepped out. He made his way over to the porch railing and sat down on it. “Bulldog, he is dying.” Jonathan said quietly in a sad voice.

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About Escaping the Pasts


Alpha wolf and loner Jonathan Waine was comfortable and content in his loner lifestyle. Thrown out of his pack by his father for being gay, he had finally found peace. Until the night he decided to go for a drink. That one decision changed everything: his solitude, his home, his happiness, and his future. Now, everything rested on one beautiful blond.

Ethan Gregory learned long ago that if he let people in, he always ended up hurt. He has been moving from place to place for years, never allowing anyone to get close. On his way home from work one night, a stranger comes to his rescue, and he realizes that this man is his fated mate. He does the only thing he can think of. He runs.

When the past comes back and literally bangs on the door, will Jonathan and Ethan get their happily ever after? Or, will they even survive long enough to find out?


Excerpt –

Ethan slammed the door to his apartment, locked it and backed away. He stared at the door wide-eyed, like it would come to life and attack him. This isn’t happening. It can’t be happening.

His family had turned their backs on him. His father had dragged him in front of their pack Alpha and told everyone in earshot what a disgusting, perverted faggot he was. His mother had done nothing as he was beaten and banished from the pack with only the clothes on his back, what little was left on him. Everyone he knew, every shifter, looked at him like he had the plague.

Oh, gods, he didn’t think he could survive being rejected by his fated mate. He knew it would happen, nobody had ever wanted him. Ethan knew this. The only person that had ever shown kindness to him was his friend Eddie. But, in the deepest part of his mind, he had always hoped he would find his mate, had dreamed of being held like he mattered to someone, to be cherished and loved. But, that was not meant for him. If his life so far proved anything, it was that he would be alone forever and never know happiness. Guess it’s time to move on, he thought.

He walked over to his bed, reached underneath it, and pulled out his duffel bag. The apartment he rented was only an efficiency and came furnished, so all he had were clothes and a few toiletries. There was only a bed, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a bar to hang his clothes on. He hated the place.

As he packed, his mind brought up the image of his mate. Tall, maybe six-foot-four or five, broad shoulders, muscles on top of muscles. Long, dark-auburn hair which had shone in the light from the street lamps. And, that voice. Ethan would never forget how that voice had affected him. Just thinking about it sent a shiver down his spine and lodged in his balls. Ethan filed the image and voice away for later use. It would make a great memory to jerk off to.

His hand stilled as he reached for the pair of jeans he was about to pack when there was a knock on the door. Could it be? No, it was probably the police, called by one of his nasty neighbors for slamming the door. He walked over and opened it, but the apology he had started died in his throat. Him. It was him. He was here.